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Seeker X2 Electric Skateboard Item NO.: 2858957

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US$ 799.99
Front Wheel
Hub Motor
Customized Requirements
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  • x2 apply the best CNC box vesc6 controller,you dont need any disassemble and program your eskateboard only with a single USB line.The top speed can up to 50km/h with our large 12s2p 9.6ah battery and the range will be 30+km.Best hub motor electric skateboard in 2020.
Product Name Seeker X2 Electric Skateboard
Item NO. 2858957
Weight 12 kg = 26.4555 lb = 423.2875 oz
Category Electric Skateboards > Seeker X2
Brand esk8 promotion
Creation Time 2019-09-01

               X2 is the coolest, fastest, and most maneuverable electric skateboard with a CNCBOX in the deck and motorized wheels. Built for speed, range, and reliability, X2 is the ultimate electric skateboard. it apply the best CNC box seeker ESC controller,you dont need any  disassemble and program your eskateboard only with a single USB line.The top speed can up to 50km/h with our large 12s2p 9.6ah battery and the range will be 30+km.Best hub motor electric skateboard in 2020.


   1:Programmable ESC6 Controller

This is a dual controller based on the VESC 6 project, designed for dual-motor electric skateboard builds. It is completly customisable using the VESC tool.That mean you can program your controller easy by yourse The hardware is perfectly capable of running 12S batteries at 60A continuously. The package includes one Controller and one designated remote with smart features. Suitable for beginners and intermediate builders. The controller comes with 4.0mm bullet connectors which is compatible with most motors on the market.

For more details about the ESC 6 CLICK HERE

2:Blacked out 105mm rubber wheels
These wheels are designed for riding in wet and rougher terrains. They are durable and tested to last for more than 800km. The wheels design took inspiration from the automotive industry, with tire treads that gives better traction and braking ability, even whilst riding in the rain. The wheels are made of similar materials like car tires, when combined with the honeycomb design, dampens vibration and absorbs shock

For more details about our rubber wheel CLICK HERE

3:500w Hub motors with All Terrain Rubber Wheels 

  These Hub motors are designed to minimize the shortcoming of traditional hub motors. They are lined with thick rubber tires to reduce vibrations, making your ride smoother and letting you go on rougher terrains.
  We recommend you pairing the motors with our Seeker ESC VESC6 based controller and 12S battery to enjoy the excellent torque and top speed  these hub motors can offer.
 The wheels are now new and improved. They are treated with an anodised black finished and remoulded for even better precision.
   For more details about our hub motor CLICK HERE

Top Speed 31mph/50kmh
Range 18.5miles/30km
Battery 12S2P 11000mAH
Uphill 30% grade
Charging Time 3h
Board Weight 26.5lbs/12kg
Rider Weight Limit 265lbs/120kg
Size 37.4" 11.4"
ESC Seeker ESC VESC6 Based
Ride Models 4 models
Wheels 105*56mm Rubber
Deck true canadian maple
Brake Ability
Regenerative Braking
Remote 2.4G wireless remote
Motors 2X500w Brushless Motor
Warranty 6 months

                                                           One Seeker X2 Eboard
                                                                  One Remote
                    One 50.4V 3A Fast Charger

7天 Days Ago


Shot these videos today during the eclipse.. Boards is awesome. I'm 200lbs and live in a very hilly area. It took me up the hills at crazy speeds when I first got it, after about a week the power is a little less. It's not taking me up the hills at the same crazy speed, but it is still very fast and powerful going up those same hills. I still have not even switched the board into fast mode. I have had the board at 22mph and have really had no need to put it into the faster mode. I am a experienced rider. I also have filmed the un-boxin and riding around for the past week. Up and down big gradient hills. I will be posting the videos online after editing is done. I have had the board a good week now. No complaints except for the little bit of power I think it has lost so far. The customer service is great and I'm sure they will fix the problem for me. As they have been very helpful and fast with every question I have asked. I asked questions about this board and did research for about 2 months before I made the purchase. My friend has a genesis, which is the same as the koowheels. It out performs his board big time and he is 140 pounds while I'm 200 lbs. and I'm still out preforming him. As far as distance I have done a 15 mile trek on this. Didn't use super fast speeds but did go at a decent pace. It still had a little bit of juice left even after that trek. The power wasn't the same but it would definitely still keep going. I also did a 10 mile trek on it and this trek had a couple major hills. It did kill the battery faster, but it still had a little juice in it when done again. This board is on point and the manufacture has done a great job with this board. I 100% recommend this board. It's quality and you cannot beat the price. Don't forget the discount code after check out. They have done there job with the manufacturing of this board and done it at a affordable price. As far as I'm concerned, this board is right up there with the boards that are $1300. Finally something not outrageously priced and that has some quality for the price. I will be posting a video review as well. This will be a follow up review as time goes on with this board.
Also wanted to add some stuff about the remote. The remote is touchy, but that is the way it should be in my opinion. I am a gamer and when using my controls they are very touchy and precise. This is how you want things, so that you can improve to the best of your ability. They need to be very touchy and precise. This will also give you best response time and more. It's very easy to get used to and your muscle memory will get right into action with it in no time. I Have not had any connection issues with the remote. And I'm talking I have gone straight down 25-30-% gradients with brakes all the way back for over a mile, with no problem and it did recharge my board. Pretty cool. Also remember to tighten everything down and check everything before you ride. Get everything set to your preferences before stepping on the board. Also check the trucks. I just re-checked mine cause of the review where the guy said his broke. Mine look sturdy. I feel bad for that guy. He had some bad luck I guess. Do your due diligence before riding!!

7天 Days Ago


Ive been riding my skatebolt for about a month, i have charged it a few times but ive never used it to more that half its battery. the thing lasts for a long time... i have done 6 mile trips and here and there stuff before charging but never came close to using the whole battery... i would give the board a 5 star as far as exceeding my expectations, but my one limiting factor is that the wheels seem to be non replaceable and eventually that will make it un-ridable. I contacted the company and they say you can replace the motor side with new motors which will give you new wheels, but not the wheels that are free spin. Aside from this small issue, i really have enjoyed the board and will continue to ride till the wheels fall off. at that point i may fab my own wheels but i hope i dont ever have to get to that point.

So i recommend the board with the forewarning that the wheels are pretty much a one time use and your done.

7天 Days Ago


Wow that is my first impression when first opened up the box with one of my friends.
This board look quite nice, I wish they provide extra replacement wheels but that's cool.
I was a little worry if I spend on the right board for me, but I am super impress. Only rode it for a few hours but it was so smooth and easy to maneuver definitely more torque than my Liftboard. The trucks came a little too loose had to tighten it otherwise the wheels wobbles at high speed when I hit cracks and rocks. This board climb hills like it is not even there and the hills where I live is at lease 20-27% incline wow and I am weight 160 lbs that is impressive. This is one thing my Liftboard can't do.

The most important things for me on a board is the range this board rated 18.6 miles per charge, able to climb steep hills this board rated at 25% incline and speed this board rated 25 mph. For the price this checks all my boxes.

Like they said hub motors is a little quieter than belt drive motor. Coming from belt drive motor this board is so quiet feel like I am riding on regular skateboard, I think I like the noise on my Liftboard more because it just sound so satisfying with the belt drive motor. One other thing I like about this board since it is hub motors it is more easy to push like regular skateboard when you're run out of juice that's nice. Overall I love it, I will update this if any issue later.

7天 Days Ago


The board feels like very good quality for the money, Range has been very good, its faster than I want to go, easy to push like a regular board if you run out of battery. My only issue is with the remote, it feels cheap, there is noticeable lag between your input and when board reacts, Mine at least starts in reverse every time I power it on so its annoying. none of the lights are labeled to I have no idea what any of it means. there is a light for when its charging and goes off when its done only problem is its hidden inside the remote and the only way to see it is though the hole where the lanyard attaches other wise it does what its required to do and for the cost they had to cut corners somewhere and the important bit is the board itself. Also it is 4 speeds , Low gets to about 10mph, Medium gets to about 18mph, High gets up to 25 and top31 (I have never tried so I dont know if its true. Has plenty of hill climbing ability I weigh about 180 and it blasts up even the steepest hills in my area with ease.

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