Hey mate! We really need your help!

To all dear skaters:

   Do you often ride your eboard in your daily life? Do you also interest at photography and always like to record skating time? If 

you say yes!So we really want to invite you to enter our review affiliate. Let's see how it works at first:

  What we can offer to you?

  1. Big discount(20%-50%off) for any seeker electric skateboard you want buy.
  2. Priority for any free stuffs we looking for test.
  3. Widesite special offer(discount coupon or Freeshipping ) 

   What we need?

  1. creative photography for our seeker board(pictures or videos all good)
  2. Your honest review report.
  3. Your suggestions for improvement if have some.
    All we want is to make the best electric skateboard and let all of you have a best riding experience.If you have any interest or questions pls feel free to send a massage to [email protected].We will be there to answer your inquiry quickly.

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